Education Support Services Focused on Student Success

CALIEP is the Northern California leader for educational support services. We proudly serve the Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, and beyond.

We believe that all students can reach their highest potential when their needs are addressed from a comprehensive, ecological, and collaborative perspective.

We offer an array of assessment and evaluation services focused on meeting the needs of the whole child. Our comprehensive educational evaluation services are focused on students from grades TK through college suspected of having ADHD, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health or behavioral concerns, or being gifted.

In addition to providing comprehensive and thorough educational evaluations, we work with parents and school teams to develop intervention and support strategies and tools to ensure optimal student success. Our collaborative services include consultation, coaching and workshops.

For schools and districts looking to improve student outcomes on a larger scale, we provide equity-focused consultation and data analysis services to help in identifying areas of need, auditing the effectiveness of current programs and practices, and collaboratively developing new support tools.

If you are ready to support your child in reaching their highest academic, socio-emotional, or behavioral potential, or if you are ready to take your school's student support efforts to the next level, contact us today! Our team of expert educational professionals is ready to partner with you!