Equitable educational outcomes require equitable educational opportunities. Comprehensive, individualized, multidisciplinary assessments provide parents, students, and schools with meaningful information about areas of academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses to support the development of an optimal menu of resources, supports, modifications, and accommodations for students. We offer an array of individualized assessment services, including:

  • Independent Educational Assessments (IEE)
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA)
  • Educationally Related Mental Health Assessments (ERMHS)
  • Assessments for Gifted & Talented students
  • Assessments for college students
  • Short-term school psychologist supports (assessment and counseling)


Disproportionality related to special education and school discipline is a growing problem that widens educational opportunity and attainment gaps. We offer culturally-responsive, research-informed technical assistance to help school districts and organizations:

  • Conduct comprehensive, data-informed root cause analyses
  • Cultivate stakeholder engagement
  • Develop cohesive, systemic plans to address inequity
  • Measure program effectiveness and monitor accountability


We operate with growth in mind. Comprehensive professional development modules provide stakeholders and organization members with the tools necessary to recognize and disrupt inequity at all organizational levels. Professional development is available on a variety of topics, including:

  • Equity-focused school psychology services
  • Culturally responsive mental health supports and services
  • Supporting vulnerable student populations (i.e. homeless and foster students)
  • Building supportive home-school relationships
  • Culturally-responsive curriculum evaluation and development

Equity through intentionality

Achieving equity doesn't happen by accident. We believe a systemic, integrated, and solution-focused approach to technical assistance and professional development helps to equip organizations with the tools necessary to identify inequity and disproportionality, shift organizational climate and culture, design culturally-responsive curriculum, interventions, resources, and supports, and build high-functioning, data-informed systems of accountability. We offer on-going technical assistance for districts identified as disproportionate and significantly disproportionate, as well as single-session workshops and structured professional development modules.


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