What we offer

Our mission is to provide high-quality, culturally responsive tools and resources to students, parents, and educational stakeholders for the purpose of promoting and supporting equitable access to education. We achieve this mission through a variety of services geared towards individual students, schools, districts, and educational organizations. Our services include assessment, technical assistance, and professional development. We've worked with dozens of students, districts, and organizations throughout Northern California to increase access to equitable educational opportunities. We look forward to working with you!

Individualized Assessment

Individualized Assessment

We provide comprehensive and multidisciplindary psychoeducational assessments, functional behavior analyses (FBA), educationally-related mental health assessments (ERMHS) and more. We are also available to support with cases related suspension and expulsion.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

We offer an array of technical assistance services, including organizational file and data reviews, equity audits, root cause analyses, and guidance on equity plan development, implementation, and measurement.

Professional Development

Professional Development

We offer professional development opportunities for all educational stakeholders, including parent and community groups, preservice educators, students, and school/district staff on a wide variety of equity and educational topics.

Equity in Action

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IEEs: Understanding the Basics

If you’re familiar with special education services you’ve probably heard the term “IEE”. So, what is an IEE? And, does your student need one?

IEE stands for Independent Educational Evaluation. Parents are legally entitled to request an IEE from the school district (at public expense). They can do so when they disagree with the public agency’s (i.e. school district) assessment. This right applies to students who have an IEP and those who have been assessed but determined ineligible for special education services. But, before you start drafting letters requesting IEEs, consider these questions:

Is an IEE Appropriate?

An IEE is only appropriate if there is disagreement regarding the public agency’s assessment. For example, if the district’s assessment presents insufficient data and information regarding a student’s functioning and needs, an IEE may be warranted.

Is the Timing Right?

It is important to consider the timing of requesting an IEE. Families are only entitled to one IEE each time the public agency conducts an assessment that they disagree with.

Is Your Student Up for More Testing?

Some students love the individual attention that comes with special education assessment. However, other students may find the amount of testing needed for an evaluation overwhelming. This may negatively impact assessment results.

Make An Informed Decision

If you determine that an IEE is appropriate, contact your district or public agency. Make your request for an IEE in writing. For your own records be sure to save a copy of your request. Also, make note of the date that it was sent/delivered to the district/public agency.

For more information about IEEs, contact us for a free consultation. We have conducted dozens of IEEs to help students access the supports and services they need most.

Meet our clients

We've contracted with dozens of districts and county offices of education to provide unbiased student assessments and staff-centered professional development support. Some of our clients include: